At Galacxia, transparency is the backbone of our operations. Recognizing the dire consequences of financial mismanagement, we have processes in place to ensure full compliance with the IRS, SEC and state agencies.


Company Name: Galacxia, Inc.
Founded: Dec. 17, 2020

Galacxia is a Delaware C Corporation.

Who We Are

Collectively, our Team has over 100 years experience in every facet of high technology.

Steve Colby, JD, PhD

Steve Colby, JD, PhD

IP Attorney

Sandy Eulitt

Sandy Eulitt

Founder and CEO

Ace Tarakchian

Ace Tarakchian

SBDC Consultant


Amongst many others, these are the primary Classes, Workshops, Training, Conferences or Courses taken to maximize the chances of doing this right.

OCIE SBDC Main Street Meets Artificial Intelligence
Fundable Startup's How to Validate Startup Ideas
OCIE SBDC Social Media Strategies
Fundable Startup's How to Sell and Fundraise Effectively
OCIE California Dream Fund Small Business Training
Fundable Startup's How to Build a Funding Strategy


All employees must pass a stringent background check. We also plan to implement the very highest levels of cybersecurity.

The Story

While recovering from torn rotator cuff surgery in April, 2021, I realized it could be days or weeks before anyone checked on me, and my cats would be hungry if I weren’t able to feed them.

After watching friend’s parents die, others nearly die, domestic violence and elder abuse victims be unable to get help fast enough or evidence to incarcerate the perpetrator, I saw that better monitoring systems were needed.


Over time, the app evolved from a simple check on app to an integrated app that prevented first responders from having to break your door down to get into your home, automatically checked on you and summoned first responders if anomalies were detected in vital signs, shared critical medical data automatically with first responders, saved care information for dependents, stored critical legal, medical, insurance and belongings records, and matched people to community assistance.

“The more I thought about the app, the angrier I became. I knew the app would save lives and prevent a lot of misery during emergencies and emotional situations. I want this developed yesterday, so I can start making a difference in people’s lives.”

Sandy Eulitt

CEO and Founder, Galacxia, Inc.


Galacxia, Inc.’s business plan and financial model earned it both a COVID-19 Microbusiness Grant and a California Dream Fund Grant.

The app prototype has been shared with over 50 people, all very excited to see it.

In late September, 2023, I attended a “Face to Face with Investors” event and pitched the app to two investors with Tech Coast Angels. Their response, “Go get this developed and come back and see us.”


My network has grown to include members of Tech Coast Angels, Tech Coast Venture Network, several members of the Orange County Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, many attendees of regular conferences and pitch events, and IMPACT 23 attendees. My LinkedIn network has over 2600 followers. I have 6 Instagram accounts, 6 X (formerly Twitter) accounts, 6 Facebook pages, and listings on Google My Places

View the Full Functionality Prototype

This includes all screens for the fully developed version, showcasing the robust functionality included to reduce worry, save time and money, save lives, connect with assistance, and simplify records access for all you care about.

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