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Galacxia, Inc introduces

Secure Life

Your Ultimate Life Backup Plan

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Unlimited check ons, any location, unlimited contacts, Check On History and Sharing Critical Data

Secure Life Check On List screen
Secure Life Country Selection Screen
Secure Life Medical and Dietary Info Entry Screen
Secure Life Contact Setup Screen
Secure Life Check On Home Page

Secure Life Features

Take comfort in knowing that your loved ones can be checked on as many times per day as you like, and you no longer have to worry you’ll forget to check on someone. Feel safer wherever you are by having Secure Life verify that you got home OK – and contact friends, family, neighbors or first responders to assist if you don’t. Share critical location, medical and dietary information with first responders, potentially saving your life.

Works Anywhere

Works worldwide, and already designed for when humans live off planet.


Get community care even if first responders have been called. Good Samaritans get paid to assist.


Don’t be confined to American English. Get help in your native language.


In an emergency, seconds count. Don’t leave first responders and medical personnel guessing how to help – have your information automatically shared.

Try It For Free!

Some levels of the Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign include free subscriptions OR sign up to be a Beta Tester today!!

Secure Life Onboard Screen