Galacxia, Inc completes major fundraising step

Galacxia, Inc., Aliso Viejo, CA, announces February 28, 2024 that they have completed the conversion from a California S Corporation to a Delaware C Corporation.

Galacxia, Inc. underwent the Delaware C Corporation conversion process in order to attract additional investors. Galacxia, Inc is developing the Secure Life Health tech app and seeks pre-seed funding. After pitching to several excited investors, being incorrectly incorporated became a fundraising obstacle. To ease accounting issues, the conversion was not undertaken until the beginning of the new fiscal year on January 1, 2024.

ā€œI feel like a real corporation now,ā€ states Sandy Eulitt, CEO and Founder of Galacxia, Inc. ā€œI remember when I first moved to California and worked for a Fortune 500 computer manufacturer. I learned they were incorporated in Delaware and thought it odd. All these years later, I know why and join the ranks of many successful businesses by being incorporated in Delaware.ā€-

Galacxia, Inc began in December, 2020 and focuses on development of mobile and desktop applications in health tech, socializing, neighborhood and home, legal, medical and dating. The Secure Life app and Connect apps are Patent Pending.

For media or investor inquiries, please contact Sandy Eulitt at 858-848-0860 or at